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What is Sky up to?
Right now, Sky has just had her book of drawings and haikus she produced throughout the pandemic published 'And , Just Like That , The Whole World Changed'
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Sky's story
She was born with poetry in her blood and schooled in grit. Her estranged father was part of the 1960s Beat scene, her mother was an alcoholic with severe mental illness. Having been brought up in the care system, Sky began writing poetry in her teens finding early success as a single parent, living on a council estate. She quickly became one of the most prominent performance poet in the North East and has made her living from creative writing for over a decade.
People passion
Sky has a specialism in working with disadvantaged people. Combining her degree in youth and community work and creative writing skills she became The Word Bird in 2010. She has been commisisoned by arts organisations, schools, Durham and Hexham book festivals, libraries and community projects, including Apples & Snakes, New Writing North, Chilli Studios and was awarded a permanent contract at Risedale College.
Dyslexic discovery
It wasn't until she was in her 30s that Sky found out she was dyslexic, right in the middle of her 3rd year at uni. She's still learning how to live with it. Sometimes she gets dates and times mixed up and you have to make sure you explain things clearly. She has found her own way to be a star performer at work despite the problems this casues. Oh, and she doesn't care about spellings.
Sky is a remarkable worker. She has an incredible rapport and ability to engage and work with young people. She works mindfully, balancing safety, wisdom and fun with a remarkable skill, and importantly true passion.
Emily Wiseman
New Writing North