Page poetry

Mam is stranded on the rocks
surrounded by drunken mermaids
and even though she knows it’s wrong
she drinks down waves
Dad, well he’s on a boat
chasing the horizon
Copyright Sky Hawkins, 2018
I always felt on the outskirts
because their mother’s skirts weren’t
skirt enough to hide behind


Copyright Sky Hawkins, 2018
We heard staff in other homes didn’t hug
their kids. Something to do with health and
safety. Our staff did. We heard that Clavarine
House didn’t do hugs. I wasn’t going there.
Those hugs David gave me in the staff room,
well they were special, especially when he
slipped his tongue between my thighs. I treasured
those hugs kept them under my pillow so other
kids like Marie with her pretty fucking freckles
and her mermaid fucking hair couldn’t steal them. 
Copyright Sky Hawkins, 2017

Every place I arrived at, I unpacked
Selecting, creating, refining space
A tom cats spray, a magpie’s bling
Because matter matters

I plastered walls with posters, photos. Placed
books and trinkets with such precision, I’d
have known had you moved even one small thing
Because matter matters

These things I gathered were familiarity
These objects I carried were family
This teddy bear had been there consistently
Because matter matters

I suppose at least me mam warned me

Your stuffs in a black plastic bag in a back lane. It was evil possessed by a devil. No, your LP’s are still there

Because matter matters

Copyright Sky Hawkins, 2020

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